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Prepare to be awestruck as we journey into the heart of protests in Iran in 2022, with a focus on the extraordinary bravery of Iranian women.

We're privileged to engage with Malu Halasa, the insightful editor of Woman Life Freedom, who helps us untangle the narratives that crisscross ethnicities, generations, and genders. We delve into how education shapes Iranian women's lives, the powerful role of photojournalism in protests, and the transformative shifts in the lives of these women since Iran morphed into an Islamic Republic in 1979.

As we navigate into the second half of our discourse, we uncover the intricate strategies of government surveillance, the role of tech activism, and the implications of VPN decriminalization in Iran. Malu expands on the significance of graffiti in Tehran, the efforts of the socialist youth group Kheobon Tribune, and the impact of tech activism. We conclude with a testament to the resilience and strength of Iranian women, encapsulated in heartening stories sourced from across the country. This is a conversation that promises an enlightening exploration into the transformative journey of Iranian women.