Cold Sweat (Aragh-e Sard)
Color, 85 min, 2017, Iran

Director: Soheil Beiraghi
Screenplay: Soheil Beiraghi
Producer: Mehdi Davari

Cast: Baran Kosari, Amir Jadidi, Sahar Dowlatshahi, Leili Rashidi , Hoda Zeinolabedin, Abbas Moosavi, Maryam Sarmadi

SYNOPSIS: Afrooz is the captain of Iran Futsal National Team, whose long-sought dream, playing in the Asian Games Final has come true at the age of 30 and after 11 years of hard work. She finds out at the airport that her husband, a famous television host, has used his legal right and banned her from exiting the country. The team’s security supervisor, her lawyer, and her best friend and teammates all believe that her only solution is to persuade her husband to let her leave the country. Although Afrooz knows she must break her pride and waive her own right by doing so, she decides to convince him in any way possible.

“Cold Sweat” is the story of capable and distinguished women who do not quit fighting although they are fed up with the current laws and “Cold Sweat” has covered their bodies.