Israeli government and its fanatical supporters claim that its army is the "most moral" in the world because of the care it takes to avoid collateral casualties.  One such example in the latest round of attacks on Gaza's civilian neighborhoods, is the IDF's attempt to warn the inhabitants of a building about the impending destruction of their abode, in order to give the family a "viable chance" to run away with their lives.

The latest example of such inconceivable morality is the so-called "knock on the roof" parctice of hitting the roof of a house with non-explosive projectile as a warning to its inhabitants before leveling it with an honest-to-goodness missile.  Well, here is roof knocking in action at 0:03 followed by destruction at 1:00:

So, if the most-moral of all gangsters slaps you upside the head just to show you a loaded rifle about to blow your (and your family's) brains out in less than a minute's time, wouldn't you rather be blown away by not-the-most-moral gangster who shoots you from behind with no warning and spares you (and your family) the agony of a terror-filled last minute of life?  (And here we didn't bother with other aspects of roof knocking.)