Mr. Heshmat Tabarzadi, the spokesperson for the Coalition for Democracy and Human Rights in Iran and Secretary General of the Iran Democratic Front, was arrested in January 15, 2014. According to his daughter, three government agents forcefully entered his home at noon on Tuesday and arrested him. He was initially sentenced to eight years in prison in February of 2010. After enduring four years of his verdict, he was released under the condition of remaining silent. Meanwhile, the security elements of the Islamic Republic did not leave him and his family alone and the prosecutor demanded his return to the prison for four more years. Despite these pressures, Heshmat Tabarzadi declared his commitment to defend the rights of the people as well as his own right to the freedom of speech and by resorting to “civil disobedience” refused to report to prison until he was once again arrested at his home. 

During the past 15 years, Tabarzadi has been imprisoned many times, however he has continued to defend the democratic demands of the Iranian people and has not tolerated the constant suppression of their rights while the elements of the Islamic Republic regime have repeatedly questioned him under overwhelming interrogations. Mr. Tabarzadi is suffering from diabetes and blood pressure caused by the emotional stresses of long prison stays, inhumane interrogations and solitary confinements. During the latest unfair trial that was held behind closed doors, her attorney Mrs. Nasrin Sotoudeh was also present. However, shortly after even her human rights lawyer was imprisoned for defending Mr. Tabarzadi’s rights and the rights of other political prisoners.