As part of a research for an art exhibition about a Persian tale of the 12th century, The Conference of the Birds, I would like to know your opinion on the question below. I would be very grateful if you could respond with four or five lines.
About the story:
In the story, countless birds go in search of an ideal god-king, symbolized by a mythicalbird, Simorgh. They are led by a bird master-guide that encourages them to leave and shows them the way. Facing hardships and sacrifices required by the journey, many give up or fail. Only thirty birds reach their destination. At the end of their journey, they discover that the Simorgh is only a reflection of their own existence. Unified during the experience of this long and difficult journey, the birds themselves incarnate the Simorgh (In Persian Simorgh means "thirty birds").
My question:
Based on the story, how do you think about your own path? Do you consider yourself closer to those who have achieved their ideal or those who have experienced deviated trajectories? In case you identify yourself more with the second group, would you consider yourself rather as a loser. a winner or neither?
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Thank you!