Today, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo sat in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and testified about Iran, Terrorism and the killing of Ghasem Soleimani. The questions and answers fell along the party lines and nothing new came out of the exchanges. But the noteworthy part was the people that were seated a couple of rows behind Pompeo.

As you see in the pictures, there were 2 prominent groups of people who stood in lines from the early morning hours to be able to get the seats allocated to “we the people” who have the right to closely watch our representatives in this great democracy. The smaller group dressed in pink were the Code Pink people, representing an anti-war organization funded by George Soros and aligned with NIAC, the lobby group with ties to the reformers in Iran.

The larger group dressed in yellow were the representatives of the Organization of the Iranian American Communities (OIAC) the front group for the exiled Marxist Islamist opposition MEK which currently operates out of Albania.

These pictures more than anything else speak to the sad state of the opposition to the IR Regime and the lack of unity and trust among the Iranians abroad.

Let’s hope that the next generation of the Iranians do a better job than what we have been doing.

Here is the link for today’s testimony