The Cult of Martyrdom
        by Majid Naficy

“Martyrdom” was a hive of honey
Which a bear stole from Babak.*

Babak asked:
“What do you want the hive for?”
The bear answered:
“To make your shrine”.
“What do you want its queen for?”
“To multiply your mourning mullahs.”
“What do you want its honey for?”
“To sweeten your holy water.”*

So    The Caliph killed Babak
And in his memory
The bees made Sabalan honey.

        January 14, 1986

*- Babak Khorramdin(798-838) was an Iranian militant who fought against
the Abbassid Caliphate. He was born near Sabalan Mountain in
Azerbaijan, Iran.
*- Every month, members of Shia families in Iran share a holy water
made of the soil of the grave of martyr Imam Hossein in Karbala, Iraq
for protection against evil.


كیش شهادت 

مجید نفیسی


"شهادت" کندوی عسلی بود

که خرس از بابک ربود.

بابک پرسید:
"کندو را می‌خواهی چکار؟"
خرس گفت:
"برای ساختن ضریح تو"
"ملکه‌اش را می‌خواهی چکار؟"
"برای تکثیر نوحه‌خوان تو"
"عسلش را می‌خواهی چکار؟"
"برای شیرین کردن آب تربت تو."

پس خلیفه، بابک را کشت
و زنبورها بیادش
عسل سبلان را سرشتند.

        چهاردهم ژانویه هزار‌و‌نهصد‌و‌هشتاد‌و‌شش