Iran watchers, and those who care to know the truth, knew something was up. The sudden influx of Islamist fascists connected moving to America during Obama’s term in office, particularly around the time he was concluding his disastrous legacy nuke deal, was hard to avoid.

Forget about NIAC Lobby, the Islamist fascist lobby in America working in and having an open invitation to Obama’s White House, the son of Sister Mary, who took American diplomats in Iran hostage, the daughter of Speaker of Islamist fascist “parliament” and many other such Islamist fascist connected moved to America.

Back then, Amir Taheri, the veteran Iranian journalist, floated the rumor that, to facilitate the disastrous nuke deal, 500 “green cards” were given to Islamist fascists by Obama.

Whether it is 500, or 2500, is not the point. Lets say a handful of Islamist fascists, whose core ideology is uber-anti-Americanism, were facilitated to receive visa/permanent residency, it is tantamount to Obama facilitating a 5th column Islamist fascists setting up bases all over America.

Now that he has twitted about it, lets see if Twitter-in-Chief will use the same Executive Power the Islamist appeaser-in-chief Obama might have used to grant visa/permanent residency to the Islamist fascists-connected, to reverse it, like he did with the disastrous legacy nuke deal.

Maryam writes:

“We have a right to know if regime thugs are here amongst know if privileges of residency are granted to regime's most know why our family members, who love America, cannot secure tourist visas while @khamenei_ir 's cabal may become Americans--#RevokeThe2500 "

In other words; Trump, please deport the Islamist fascist-connected back to occupied Iran.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Picture above; Sahar Nowrouz-zadeh, the former Islamist fascists’ NIAC lobby employee, hired by Obama to be his Director for Iran on the National Security Council.