I know you have not. But don’t be surprised if you do one day soon. Iranian  regime, under rising pressure from  domestic popular discontent with the state of economy and lack of basic human rights for citizens, coupled with ever increasing international pressure to stop it’s destructive interference in neighboring countries is clearly shaky and frightened of its own shadows. Acting in most bizarre manner. showing clear signs of a dictatorship on its death bed

Below a few examples:

The case of Dr.  Jalili, Sweden residing Iranian medical researcher who after being arrested during a visit to Iran as an invited speaker to a scientific conference, and after making  forced confessions in front of Iran’s state run TV, is now sentenced to death on charges of spying for Mossad.

And then there is the case of Mr. Reza Shahabi, (photographed above) , a board member of the Union of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company , currently languishing in jail on charges of "assembly and collusion against national security".  "During a prison visit on December 13, 2017, his relatives noticed that the left side of Shahabi's face was drooping and that his left eye had sunken in," reported the UWTSBC. "He said that when he went to the prison clinic, the doctor told him he had suffered a mild stroke."

And then there is the case of British Iranian mother,  Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, arrested during family visit to Iran , charged with spying for British. Death sentence could follow unless a hefty ransom paid.


And these just a few examples of the cases we know of. The broader picture is much more brutal. Daily news of arbitrary arrests, tortures murders and disappearance of citizens for committing “crimes”, considered elsewhere to be basic human rights….


This Islamic Dictatorship is at its last legs. The anger and hatred of Iranians towards this dictatorship and all it stands for is at sky high. I and lots of people like me firmly believe that the end game will not be pretty. The sooner and the faster this end game is played, the better for all concerned…