Neo-Nazi ally of Trump - Bannon regime endorses attack on Quebec Islamic Center which left six dead, and eight injured.
Richard Bertrand Spencer is a noted American white supremacist. He is president of the National Policy Institute, a white nationalist think tank, and Washington Summit Publishers, an independent publishing firm. Spencer has stated that he rejects the description of white supremacist, and describes himself as an identitarian. He advocates for a white homeland for a "dispossessed white race" and calls for "peaceful ethnic cleansing" to halt the "deconstruction" of European culture.
Spencer has said that he created the term "alt-right",a term he considers a movement about white identity.
Spencer has repeatedly quoted from Nazi propaganda and denounced Jews, and has on several occasions refused to denounce Adolf Hitler.
Spencer and his organization drew considerable media attention in the weeks following the 2016 presidential election, where, in response to his cry "Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!", a number of his supporters gave the Nazi salute and chanted in a similar fashion to the Sieg heil chant used at the Nazis' Nuremburg rallies. Spencer has defended their conduct, stating that the Nazi salute was given in a spirit of "irony and exuberance".