Trip Vibes

In this video, I walked in Qavam House (Narenjestan Museum).
Qavam House or Narenjestan Garden Qavam was the residence of the ruler of Shiraz during the Qajar period. This mansion was built and completed by several generations of Qavam Pirizi family. The name "Naranjestan" also comes from the orange trees in the courtyard of this mansion. Today, this place is available to Shiraz University as the Narenjestan Museum. The Ghavam House was used between 1969 and 1979 by the Asian Institute of Pahlavi University, under the tutelage of Professor Arthur Opham Pope, a renowned Iranologist.

In recent years, the basement on the north side has been overhauled and used as a museum, where cultural objects donated by Professor Pope are kept. Qavam Al-Saltanah was appointed to the government of Persia in 1973 and in his residential neighborhood (Balakoft neighborhood) he constructed historical and residential buildings which led to the formation of Qavam complex. This complex, which is popularly known as Qavam Garden, is known today as Qavam Orange because of its exterior.