Ten years ago this month, United for Iran was born when over 100,000 of us decided to take to the streets around the world in 110 cities and stand up for the democratic rights of Iranians. The turnout for our protest far exceeded what we had hoped for and is still the biggest day of global solidarity in history for Iranian people.
Over the last decade, we have become a strong community of human rights defenders, activists, and most importantly, friends. We collaborate, support, and continue to push one another to achieve our highest goal of human rights in Iran. We are so fortunate to work with movement leaders and members of our community, and below are some words they shared about U4I and our 10 year anniversary.

This work would simply not be possible without you. Individual support advances and sustains our programs — from tracking human rights abuses with the Iran Prison Atlas to developing technology to empower Iranians to better their lives through the IranCubator project.

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