This is a Haiku-Series poem. "Haiku-Series" is, as far as I know, my made-up term to describe several haiku written to read either all together or each haiku stand alone. I submitted this piece to a writing challenge on the topic "collective and uplifting exchange".

The below in its entirety, is my assimilation of moving through that initial space of time of the plandemic. The individual haiku pieces are some of the different components I observed and responded moving through that initial space of time of the lock down.

And, lastly, when reading haiku, it is usually better to read each word slowly and deliberately while letting meanings come through to you as you read.  Sometimes reading aloud can elicit a different experience than reading to oneself.


Inner Wisdom

A Haiku-Series Poem -- To be read as a "whole" haiku series or "stand alone" each haiku


Look inside of self
Unpredictable currents
Without strong affects


Love and connection
To our spirit and our soul
Natural beauty


Darkness and unknown
Confinement and contraction
Haphazard power


Fear, anguish, loss, grief
Many challenging changes
Understand deeply


Trust inner wisdom
Opening the peace portal
The calm potential


Resources within
To feel gifted in the now
Grateful for life's breath


Written April 2020 & Revised July 2020