Max Amini has this standup clip on the web where he says Iranians are so full of self-confidence that they call their baby boys doodool-tala from t=0


I mean, think about it. Just turn on IRIB Jam-e-Jam or Shabakeh Khabar for 15 minutes, and youll be blown away by the sheer magnitude of ede'aa and claims of greatness and glory. OMG, America is being destroyed while we lay claim to Modiriyat-e Jahani.

And yet in the middle of this culture of gondeh-goozi, these morons can't even spell a billboard or write a banner or sign properly. Bekhoda it's been 40 years. Arent you guys ever gonna learn these things?

What's interesting to me is:

  1. The recurrence of these typos. Like super ubiquitous.
  2. They dont even want to check for these things. Like there's not even a single soul assigned just to do a simple QC and see if the sign is making them look like a bunch of ahmagh fools? No? No. Of course not. Why should we? Iranians run NASA. Even Freddie Mercury was a secret Iranian by the name of Fereydoon Mirkarimi. We are a nation of doodool talas.