It's 2019 and while Blade Runner cops arent running around hunting replicants, the world nevertheless plunges forward into the future with startling advancements by the dozen. Soon ("within 10 years") we won't even have smatrtphones, thanks to innovations like this. (just think of the implications: a 3-D gigantic hologram of your madarzan/madar shohar in the middle of the living room!)




So what does Iran have to show for, after this costly revolution in its 40th anniversary? Let's itemize:

  • A war with 1Million casualties and trillions in damages
  • 5 million people of Iran's best and brightest in permanent exile
  • The replacement of a crown with a turban
  • The replacement of "being a slave to American capitalists" to being the bitch of China and Russia (look up the word khaayeh-lees in your political dictionary)
  • The replacement of Savak with Sepah/Baseej
  • The gradual shift of the average IQ of Iran to ever lower levels (84! Sweet Jesus!) Just look at this everlasting gem (where he's saying "we have 16 year old nuclear scientists that make nuclear energy at home"). Or this Nobel Prize in geography (where he educates us: "England is an island west of Africa")
  • The downward spiral of Iran's economy on almost every possible metric. No really, what does Iran have to show for in its industrial list of achievements? Exporting Samand and Pride (aka Ford Festiva) cars??! A lousy extended warranty program for the Northrop F-5?
  • The downward nose-dive of social and ethical and mental health. Iran is afterall in the top ranks of the world's most addicted to drugs. Ethics? HA HA.
  • The spike in kidney sales. It's legal to sell your kidney to pay the rent in Iran.
  • The re-emergence of mass stupidity. case study: Just look at these RETARDED FUCKS hitting themselves with to-sari and crying like an idiot for a story the mullah has made up (about sheep fasting in honor of Imam Hosein).

And these are just to name a few. We've all grown used to reading negative news from Iran on a daily basis. People are eating dog meat now? Hmm. If youre hungry and have nothing to eat, it's actually halal. One third of Iran is under the line of poverty? It's the evil American sanctions, you moron! Moving on. People are now just animals with no sense of morality or dignity? Salavaat befrest baba, dorost misheh. (for those of you who dont understand what theyre shouting in the clip, the protesters are saying: "Hey ass-torn official, I wanna fuck your sister!" Real classy, don't you agree?)


Let me just say this: For those of you who dont remember, right after Khomeini overthrew the Shah, he said: "not only will we make electricity and water utility and public transportation free for you, but we will build your morality!". And people were like "OMG ...OMG...TAKBEER!...." Forty years later, this is our moral legacy.  


So now please tell me:


How the fuck am I supposed to not feel negative about the mighty fall of a once proud country from top of ezzat to bottom of zellat in just 40 years?? Yes I am angry and negative and pissed off. And if youre not too, then youre part of the problem.   


22 Bahman Mobarak. Khak bar sare hamamoon shod. Not just the fools in the picture!