Mr. Sharokh Zamani, a well known and respected labour activist from the province of Azarbaijan, imprisoned by the Islamist government of Iran, without any trials, on charge of "activity against the system" was found dead in his prison cell at Rajai Shahr prison  on Sunday 13th Septemeber 2015. According to eye witnesses "his body was covered with black marks".

The lives of thousands of other known and unknown political prisoners of Islamsit regime of Iran are at risks.

It is crucial to emphasize that this is not the first time that labour activists have died in prisons of the Iranian regime. As reported previously, Rajai Shahr is one of the most notorious prisons with a very high security in which we have witnessed numerous deaths of political prisoners in past few years. Many prisoners go through severe torture, medical neglects and gross mistreatments by security guards and prison authorities. Afshin Osanloo was another labour activist who died under similar circumstances in June 2013.

Let the leadership of the islamist regime of Iran know that they will be hold accountable for any harm upon those detained in their prisons by signing the petitions below. Let them know that a "Nuclear Deal" with Obama administration is not a green light for another mass murder of political prisoners similar to what happened in 1989.

Be the voice of Imprisoned Iranian Labour and political activists!

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