The cultural tyranny of Islam has suffocated the Middle East, and has perverted our souls to a degrading state of savagery.


The Islamists have actually been causing and then abusing our women and children's deaths and dismemberments, in order to establish their Islamic version of Satanic rule.


In Iran, the Islamists actually burnt the Rex cinema in Abadan, and then used it to most effectiveness to create the mass uprisings leading to the Islamic Revolution.


In Gaza too, the Hamas terrorists have always initiated the mayham ... and this one too, by abducting and killing 3 teenage Jews. For Hamas and for other Islamists, as Khomeini put it so simply: "Peace with the infidels is meaningless"!


Islamists thrive on war and death, as deadly germs thrive on wounds and infections. If there is not enough war going on, the Islamists simply create new ones; the best example being their attacts of 9/11.


But people, don't be fooled by their coward methods of using women and children as human shields, and then as martyr pictures. They do not care about the humanity, as their only true allegiance is to an inhumane ideology!


The best proof is in the result of their take overs. See what happens when Islamists capture a country or a region. These scums put all of our muslim men, women and kids into total slavery to their criminal regimes (IRI, Hamas, ISIS,  Taliban, etc).


Death and destruction will not stop, until we put a stop to Islamism!