It was 1956 when 20th congress of communist parties from around the world conducted in red square in Moscow.
62 communist parties (احزاب برادر)different countries gathered for the future of socialism around the globe. Mao made it to Moscow, but he didn't attend the meeting. Some people say he had upset stomach and he had to use the bathroom frequently, therefore, he stayed in his Hotel room and couldn't make it to the meeting. Some other says his taxi driver got stuck in Moscow's heavy traffic, so he couldn't make it to the meeting. Whatever happened he was not there when Khrushchev proposed the four principle of revisionism. 
After initial introductory, Khrushchev took the podium. Shah of Iran used to describe Khrushchev as a "Man with peasant manner" or hillbilly. He was a stocky guy with gray hair clinching to baldness. He started his speech with critical view about Stalin and how badly Stalin damaged the future of socialism. There was a long silence among the audience. Stalin died 3 years earlier and audiances were shocked to hear such a sharp criticism about their long time comrade. That critical view of Stalin was NOT expected from the audience at all.  
      Later on, Khrushchev went on to describe the political standing of socialism versus capitalism. "Okay comrades.. there are 3 major blocks who struggles against imperialism. 
A. Soviet Union (حزب مادر)
B Eastern European socialist countries 
C. the movements  of third world countries and their struggle to release themselves from the hands of imperialism."  " With these 3 strong forces we can conclude imperialism is under our control."  Said the Khrushchev. 
  He conclude imperialism had been defeated and now it is time of Socialism. Khrushchev proposal was targeting "non capitalism path". The same proposal Lenin was designing for central Asia with it's agricultural background. 
Once Mao was informed about the principles of revisionism, he rejected the notion in strongest term calling Soviet Union as "Social imperialism" who is backstabbing the workers and world's proletariats. Mao claimed Soviet Union diverted from basic principle of Marxist Leninist. Mao's idea reinforced by first secretary of labour party in Albania Enver Hoxha. China and Albania chose separate path for future of socialism.