For those who are after the ouster of the unreformable, expansionist and warmongering Islamist fascists, who murder Iranians 24/7 and pillage the country like nobody’s business, the news of expanding sanctions to cover oil, the source of fund for the murderers to kill more, is music to their ear, I among them.


Above is from a series of posted blogs in support of Trump’s policy toward the unreformable, warmongering and expansionist Islamist fascist rulers of Iran.

Today the second and the real part of sanctions against the Islamist fascists go into effect. Being opposed to Trump, prior and after his election as the President, does not mean one has to oppose his correct policy toward the uber-international terror sponsoring Islamist fascists.

Lets hope Trump, unlike the Islamist appeaser-in-chief Obama - who to cut a deal with the Islamist fascists’ Führer, turned his back on Iranians and allowed the bloodthirsty crazies to run amok in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan – will not relent and keep the sanction noose on the Islamist fascists till the beleaguered Iranians get rid of them.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.

Video below: Iranians shouting in Persian on the streets of Iran: "Obama, Obama,  you're either with us or with them (Islamist fascists)" and of course Obama turned his back on Iranins with devestating result in Iran, Syria, Yemen, and....