Source: iJET (WorldAware) International



Anti-government protests are ongoing in several areas of Esfahan, including the New Shapur area, Aug. 2. Protesters are blocking roads, including part of the Imam Khomeini Expressway, and chanting anti-government slogans. The police have deployed to protest sites, and minor clashes between protesters and the police have occurred. Thousands of people are reportedly participating in the second day of demonstrations over worsening economic conditions and government policies.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that many businesses in the city have closed, coinciding with the unrest.

Security forces are likely to remain deployed to monitor the protests. Further clashes between demonstrators and police are likely. Road disruptions are likely to continue to disrupt travel.

Analysis: Protests in response to high inflation, unemployment, poverty, poor working conditions, and corruption occur on a near-daily basis across Iran and will likely grow in number and size in the coming weeks. Most demonstrations are relatively peaceful, but clashes between police and protesters are likely to increase, as the crisis facing the country will almost certainly worsen on Aug. 6, when the first round of US sanctions go into effect. The value of the Iranian rial will continue to fall, and prices for basic goods will continue to rise. Transportation and shipping delays, fuel shortages, and power outages will likely become increasingly common, compounding the issues facing many average Iranians.