Source: iJET International


Protests and strike-related business closures are likely to persist in Tehran and in other cities and towns nationwide June 26 and in the coming days in response to a notable depreciation in the Iranian rial (IRR) against the US dollar (USD) June 24. Social media accounts indicate that protests and business closures have resumed near the Tehran Bazaar in Tehran June 26. Businesses have also reportedly closed in several other areas of Tehran, and elsewhere in the country, including in Arak, Kermanshah, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Qeshm.

In Tehran, protests are likely to continue to focus on retail areas, like the Tehran Bazaar, public squares, roadways, and Parliament. Related demonstrations and strikes in other cities and towns are also likely in the coming days.

Police are likely to deploy to monitor the protests. Clashes between police and protesters are likely if demonstrators display an anti-government sentiment, are unusually disruptive, or engage in acts of public violence. Police utilized tear gas against protesters in Tehran June 25.