Daily Kos:

Donald J. Trump may have some sanity problems, but even he has to recognize that the crowds are smaller, the polling data is worsening every day, and his re-election looks shakier with every passing week. There are a few standards that Presidents are expected to commit to in our country. One of those standards is the peaceful transition of power. Donald J. Trump, however,is not one of those presidents. Instead, President Trump is busy laying out a case, now, for unbridled civil unrest and ‘let’s end democracy’ acts should he fail to win in November. Why? Because Trump is already calling the 2020 election a fraud.

Democratic voters and unaffiliated voters are taking up absentee or vote by mail ballots in record numbers. Both parties have put effort into getting more of their voters to vote by mail siince the outbreak of COVID, 

Trump’s statement, however, makes it clear:if he doesn’t win, the election is a fraud — and he will blame mail-in ballots.

This is a dangerous path to travel, especially in these times. It is not at all unlikely that Trump could win a state, let’s say Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, or even Florida on election night, but lose it as mail-in ballots are counted. Trump is setting the groundwork for legal contests and fights as well as a refusal to concede a lost election. He is counting on the narrative being: the media will announce I won a state on election night with the in-person vote, and any challenge to that outcome is not legitimate.

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