Reza Farokhfal:

Our Letter of Gratitude to the Prime Minister of Canada

To: The Right Honorable Justin Trudeau,

The Prime Minister of Canada

Dear prime minister,

We, as Canadian-Iranian writers, artists, and scholars would like to extend our deep gratitude to you for your sincere efforts in supporting the victims of the Ukrainian flight PS752. We believe that following such a horrible event, the authorities of Islamic Republic of Iran would never have willingly released the real cause behind the crash, had it not been for your firm and clear stance in striving for justice and truth.

We would also like to express that we will never forget your compassionate presence and support amongst the survivors’ families and the devasted Canadian-Iranian community.

You have reminded us why we are proud to call ourselves Canadian citizens, for Canada is a country where lives are valued, human rights are respected, and its people are cared for.

Thank you prime minister Trudeau for your full-hearted efforts in uncovering the truth.

Yassaman Ameri (Photographer - Filmmaker);Nasrin Almasi (Journalist);Bahram Bahrami (Writer); Reza Farokhfal (Writer-Scholar); Sheida Gharachedaghi (Music composer); Ata Hoodashtian (Scholar); Nahid Kazemi (Visual artist); Keyvan Mahjoor (Artist); Mehdi Marashi (Writer); Shirin Mehrbod (Vocalist); Shaghayegh Moazzami (Cartoonist); Fereshteh Molavi (Writer); Touka Neyestani (Cartoonist); Amir Norouzkhani (Writer); Behrang Rahbari (Journalist); Masoud Raouf (Filmmaker); Iman Sadeghzadeh (Musician-Aerospace engineer); Babak Salari (Photographer); Marzieh Sotudeh (Writer); Mohammad Tajdolati (Journalist); Amin Zargham (Film maker-Journalist); Hassan Zerehi (Writer- chief editor of Shahrvand newspaper) Sima Zerehi (Writer-Journalist)

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