Abby Zimet:

GOP Says Dems Can’t Call Lying Power-Abusing Crook, Conman, Bigot and Demagogue A Lying Power-Abusing Crook, Conman, Bigot and Demagogue.

Poor little fragile Donnie. Seems the Sociopathic Snowflake who spends his days and nights trash-talking… everyone… is so afraid of mean Democrats saying anything bad about him at Monday’s House hearing on his multifarious obstructions of justice the ranking Republican has demanded scary uppity Dems maintain “minimum standards of decency and decorum” and not say any nasty words about said snowflake. In a letter to chairman Jerry Nadler, Doug Collins (GA) cited the House manual of decorum, reiterated that “personal abuse, innuendo, or ridicule of the president is not permitted,” and argued it would be “unparliamentary” to ridicule, attack or accuse Trump of lying or, perish the thought, committing a crime.

Collins even objected to the hearing’s title – “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes” – which sounds like a “mock-impeachment inquiry” to him. “Outside of impeachment proceedings,” he notes, “(it) is out of order for a Member of Congress (to) engage in personalities with the President or express an opinion (accusing him) of a crime” – an argument that obviously calls for impeachment proceedings NOW to address the issue. Because we are beyond the looking glass, he also listed words that are no-no’s for discussing Trump: cowardly, infantile, bilking the taxpayer, delusional, hypocritical, liar, amoral, lining the pockets of his cronies, draft-dodger, crook, conman, illegal activity, racist, bigot, misogynist, demagogue, un-American, abusing power, disrespected the office. Ladies and gentlemen, the purported President of the United States.

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