Iran, November 10, 2018 - As the Iranian regime’s finds itself increasingly hard pressed to contain the waves of protests that are erupting across the country, its officials are voicing their fears of how the MEK and its network of activists are playing a key role in preventing the regime from re-establishing its tyrannical control in cities and streets. And while different factions within the regime might quarrel over their share of political and economic power, they agree on one thing: The MEK is the main threat to their religious dictatorship.

Hassan Abbasi, a senior member of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and one of the staunch theorists of the Iranian regime from the so-called hardliner faction, recently interviewed with a state-run online TV station, in which he warned against the outlook of the nationwide uprisings.

“The problem is, in the next few years, our currency will become so worthless that people will pour into the streets because of the hardships to their livelihoods,” Abbasi said. “Clashes will ensue, people will distance themselves from the government and confront the government. The government will confront the people. A few people will be killed, and then the people will rise in revenge.”

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