1. The Iran National Front-Abroad is calling on Iranians to boycott the sham elections under the reactionary fascisitc fundamentalist terrorist regime.  Iran National Front was established by Dr. Mossadegh and other democrats in 1949, and is Iran's main, oldest, and largest pro-democracy political party.  Our organization abroad has made this call.




2.  The Provisional Council of Left Socialists of Iran has also called for boycott of the sham and anti-democratic elections under the rule of the reactionary fascisitc regime ruling Iran.  






There are no free, democratic elections in Iran.  The Nezam Velayat Motlagh Faghih is an ultra-reactionary, tyrannical, fascistic regime.  ALL factions of the fundamentalist regime (hardliners, Rafsanjani-Rouhani gang, and reformists) are anti-democratic that fully support the reactionary theocratic anti-democratic fundamentalist constitution and system.


Pro-democracy and progressive political parties should not lend their votes or support to this reactionary fascistic regime.  Rouhani and Rafsanjani gang are trying to fool and deceive the people.  It is the role of our democratic intellectuals and parties to counter the lies and deceptions of the anti-democratic fundamentalist propagandists and forces.