(or his rap song)

I walked right in.
It took you a while
to nurture this new scene

but once the plot was wound up,
the characters in their spot,
the hive sprung a young queen.

It gave me cold goosebumps
when my sense of being from Mars
let you guide me unseen,

my confusion no defence
against the cocktail of drugs
that dragged the bass low,

that pitched up and down
the background radiation
of the joyful anti-tomorrow.

The magnificence that you were!
The intensity of your light
when it shone for this moment!

The way all attention was absolved
at the door of your dark church
I so wanted to represent!

Your silver strips caught
and burned as you did,
my witch, on the dance floor,

the circle spreading with every move,
eyes and mouth opened wide,
hands abrupt like a matador.

I always end with parenthesis
to say with melancholy
that now is not as monumental

as it used to be. That twerking is not
a substitute for natural grace,
that ease and mystery are unequal.

But so says every generation.
The world is old and uncaring
for what gets left behind.

Every birth is rooted here
to create a brilliance to recall
in a darkening mind.