What do you get when you combine Gandhi, Che Guevara, Al Capone, and a 5′ 3″ illiterate woman fighting for justice? Phoolan Devi! This is her true story!






I've been working on this documentary film for the past few years. This is an exceptionally inspiring story (though it is virtually unknown outside of India!). To be honest, in my 20 years of working as a filmmaker, I've never come across anything like it.

The film is near completion, though we still need support to get to the finish line. Check out our mid-production trailer of the film to get a sense of this stranger-than-fiction story!

PHOOLAN Trailer from Warrior on Vimeo.

Let's join hands to help make the world a better place!

Hossein Martin Fazeli (naanaam), writer & director of the film

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