When American hostages were taken I was a high school student in Tehran. The spokewoman for hostages was a 19 year young girl by the name of Maesoomeh Ebtekar. Her son is currently studying in U.S. Criminal mullahs kept the white hostages in captivity for 2 years, but they let the black go back to America. As a result, black community in America was chearleading Mullahs.  In those days, I didn't have any clue about racism in America, but I learned later on that Iranian students, especially the ones who were studying in southern states such as Texas,  suffered a lot. I heard many stories about Iranian hardship during hostage crisis, but never saw any literature to address the issue.  Many Iranian students end up to marry to black women due to virtue of racism in white dominate society. The cast system was simple. Iranians with lighter skin color or caucasin features could easily blend into the society and Iranian with darker skin color faced the most miserable time in their life. All the sudden, Obama became president in 2008. His first move was to open his arm and embrace ruling criminal mullahs in Iran because they released his people several years ago. That open the line of communication between Mullahs' lobby in Washington D.C (N.I.A.C) and White House. Maesoomeh Ebtekar's son became friend of Obama and N.I.A.C members were going in and out of White House during his presidency. Sahar Joon from N.I.A.C was teaching Obama Persian dancing during Persian national holiday of Norooz.  However, those idiots didn't realize founder of America were people such as George Washington, Thomas Jeferson. Q. Adams.... etc. They all were decendant of European countries such as  Trump, Bolton and Michael pompo, NOT from African like Obama. Obama's father was from Kenya. In Keneya, there are still some tribes who practicing canabalism.(Eating another human flesh). Obama foolishly sent huge amount of money to ruling criminal mullahs in Iran. Mullahs sent half of that money to Hezbollahs in Lebanon and they put the other half into their pockets. Obama behaved the same way  the other black people behave in America. Race plays major role in America's politic and we rarely see any Iranian talks about it. Many people voted to Obama simply because he was black. 

Once I met an Indian medical doctor who was telling me he was kicked out of restaurant many times in South Africa during Aparthied regime because he was NOT white.  He developed inferiority complex along with hate against people from European decendant such as Trump or Bolton. I see similarity between those Iranians,  who had hardship during hostage crisis,  and that Indian doctor.  There is a psychology behind those people who hate president Trump. Animacities or hatred from Trump has nothing to do with politic. The issue is psychological.