Real oppositions were born. In November of 2019, after massacre of 1500 protertors on streets of Iran, the "real oppositions" started to form.

   Real opposition have characteristics which is distinctively different from "oppositions in exile" or some poltical organizations such as MEK.

   First of all, it is within economic deprived section of our society with NO affliation or connection to outside world. They won't receive any financial or miilitary support from foreign establishment. Therefore, they're independant. They are from the lower class of our society. Low income people who experience the hardship of daily life. Some of them even work in low rank revolutionary guard or Baseej. The real oppositions is in enfancy and it has a long way to go.

  On the other hand, challenging Shia cleric establishment is NOT easy because they brand any opposition as "mohareb ba khoda", means, fighting with God. By calling them enemy of God, Shia clerics allow themselves to shoot and kill any oppositions. The establishment is based on ideology and it is not easy to challenge establishment which is based on ideology. Only ideology can challenge theocracy, NOT bullet.

 In addition Shia clerics who used to kill Imam Hussaein on daily basis to earn money, all the sudden found themselves on peacock throne. They won't give up that easy. They're enjoying lavish Islamic life style with plenty Sigheh (Shia temp. marriage) women on their sides, so they won't give up that easy. They will kill any voice of oppositions brutally just to stay on power.  For them, to go back to mosques is equal to dying, so they fight till the end. The real opposition is forming as off this writing. It will eventually throw Shia cleric to the dust bin of history, but surely it will be bloodless. It will be intimated with blood bath. The future of Iran will be very bloody.