Rise for the injustice you witness

it is not the slavery era with mantra:

 " still tongue makes a wise head"



sitting quietly is the reason

we lost the path, reason for still waters

reason for roads ending in dead end

reason for having tyrants , lunatics

criminals ruling us



behind this short wall

underneath  this old blanket

on this torn carpet

hands of many heroes  grow strong


Do we remember hands of

 Frederic Douglas and Fidel

have we read  poems of Phyllis Whitley

 kidnapped African slave


May be the time has come for 

" lions to write history"



we can build pillars

beneath broken walls

under the broken bodies

of poplar trees


There is not a road

 we cannot walk together

there is no final word

 we cannot say together

do not doubt that there is a hero

 sitting , in each one of us

waiting to rise



we know there were people

on this gravel roads

who reached to green plains

to the vastness of mountains


There were people

who walked with wounded feet

through the rough roads

to be able to defeat

the most power full criminals



if you and me rise

everyone will rise  

one hand has no voice