One day when someone

waters our gardens on time

feeds our birds for us

while making chicken soup for all

and lets me know where to go,

when to go and how much to pay

for a stem of red rose for you.

when that someone possibly

will choose a friend that

fits my emotional needs


That someone is not Cyrus the great

which will hand opportunities to all

it is not messiah who will love all

will be a robot with artificial intelligence

who simply can make educated decisions

and will understand infinity better than us

and will be void of animosity, anger,

jealousy and affections

will have more wisdom than Rumi

and more knowledge than

combined Aristotle and Razi.

but it will not be big as dinosaurs

or small as dragonfly


That is the day we will

become classic animals and

think and act differently

we will be a numb being

which follows the orders

of his own creation

while hoping for a life

without wars and hunger


A.I will divide all foods

evenly between us and

has no race preference

A. I will horde our knowledge

hold the keys to our houses

and walk freely in our bedrooms

measure the intensity of moonlight

and romance between stars


Let's see if A.I will kill us all

or create utopia.

too soon to judge !



A.I = Artificial Intelligence