When it is a matter of principle, the righteous stand their ground no matter what is done to them. Then, the lower the adversary goes to break you, makes you even more morally superior.

Lady Nasrin Sotoudeh is a human rights lawyer in Iran. Because of her dogged defense of her clients, she has been imprisoned for many years, among other restriction, banned from her legal profession, and yet, she has not stopped her advocacy of human rights in Iran.

Above is from a series of blogs about Lady Nasrin Sotoudeh, Iran’s world-renowned human rights lawyer and the winner of the prestigious Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought.

Latest news about this fine human being:

“Lawyers for Iran's award-winning human rights advocate Nasrin Sotoudeh said Wednesday that her five-year sentence on spying charges was unlawful as she was never charged or given the chance to appear in court.

Famed rights lawyer Sotoudeh, 55, was arrested in June and told she had already been found guilty "in absentia" on spying charges byTehran's Revolutionary Court.

One of her lawyers, Payam Derafshan, told AFP the trial took place some time ago, but that the sentence was not implemented until she represented several women arrested earlier this year for protesting against the mandatory wearing of the Islamic headscarf in public.”

In other words; Nasrin has chosen to stand her morally, ethically and legally right ground and saying NO to the Islamist fascist’s apartheid.

Lets hope her colleagues, lawyers, in the sane world will see fit to pick up her case and cause. 

Lets hope EU, particularly Islamist fascists’ selfie queen, do the right thing for a change and demand Nasrin’s immediate and unconditional release.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers speeded it up.