There are times when one wonders how some officials in the sane world can sleep at night, when they know the decisions they make has a devastating consequences on powerless individuals who have escaped barbarians and sought asylum in their country, in this case Norway.

Norway based Iran Human Rights reports:

The Iranian asylum seeker Leila Bayat, who was deported from Norway on 8 March 2017, has received 80 lashes in Tehran. During the investigation of her asylum case, the Norwegian authorities didn’t approve the documents regarding Leila Bayat’s flogging sentence and denied her asylum.

“I told them (Norwegian authorities) the exact details of my case, but it was refused seven times. They claimed that the verdict, the warrant, my lawyer’s testimony, and everything I presented to them were faked and my case was a lie. They said that their expert at Norway’s Embassy in Iran had examined the documents and said that such a sentence would never be carried out in Iran. And in the end, they separated me from my 13-year-old son and deported me back to Iran,” said Leila to IHR."

I like to take this opportunity to tell the staff of Norway’s embassy in Iran and their higherup in Norway, eternal shame on you.

BTW, Leila's crime for which she got pummeled with 80 lashes, she had a drink. I hope evertime Norwegian officials connected to her case have a drink, Leila’s lashed back comes to their mind.


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.