Background Briefing with Ian Masters: Interview with Allan Lichtman: We begin with Trump using the Easter break, on the eve of which the redacted Mueller Report was released, to pound on his theme of no collusion while the Democrats in recess remained largely silent as they wrestle with whether or not to utter the I word, impeachment.

Allan Lichtman, a political historian at American University who has studied both the American right and the presidency and is the author of the national bestseller “The Case For Impeachment”, joins us to discuss the contrast between Trump’s fact-free victory lap and the apparent inability of the Democrats to get the damning facts out which are in the Mueller report in spite of Barr’s redactions.

We assess the greater danger of avoiding even bringing up impeachment for fear it will backfire, if the lack of a response from the Democrats means they are caving in out of caution and in doing so, are letting the absurd self-serving Trump narrative stand essentially validating his disastrous presidency and serial criminality.

Furthermore in misreading the lessons from the Clinton impeachment, Democrats are losing sight of what a trial in the Republican-controlled Senate would reveal to the public as Trump’s enablers would be forced to defend the indefensible as damaging evidence from the Mueller report and subsequent investigations piles on.