Diaspora Arts Connection proudly presented Ariana Vafadari at "Let Her Sing: A Celebration of Female Vocalists" on September 21, 2019 at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The show brought fourteen female vocalists and an international band together in support of women’s voices in music, threatened, censored, and suppressed in some parts of the world. Ariana Vafadari performs "Ashem Vohu" in this video.

Featured vocalists from Iran, Kurdistan, and Afghanistan were: Paris-based Ariana Vafadari, London-based Azadeh, Bay Area-based Iranian Women Folk Singers (Azadeh Farpour, Mima Goodarz, and Sanaz Mardkar), London-based Elaha Soroor, Vienna-based Golnar Shahyar, Bay Area-based Işık Berfin and Ozden Oztoprak, Texas-based Mehrnoosh مهرنوش, and Los Angeles-based Shahrzad.

Musical Director: Erwin Khachikian
Master of Ceremonies: Ana Bayat

Musicians: Yahya Alkhansa on drums, Mohammad Talani on electric guitar, Daniele DeCario on bass, Nima Hafezieh on piano, Sirvan Manhoobi on Oud, Josh Mellingerr on percussions, Niloufar Shiri on Kamancheh, and Asaf Ophir Music on wind instruments.

Design: Navid Ghaem Maghami
Video: Reza Kabiri

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