Jill Richardson:

As the midterms approach, the administration is ratcheting up its attacks on anyone who isn’t a straight, white, native-born Christian.

In the days leading up to the election, the news has been scary. “We” are under threat from all sides. “They” are threatening us.

There’s an actual threat from violent extremists motivated by racial and ethnic hatred. One white supremacist murdered two black people in Louisville and another murdered 11 Jews in Pittsburgh.

But then there’s the perceived threat.

Some people in power believe that a reliable way to get the “right” kind of Americans to the polls (white, straight, Christian, and born in the U.S.A.) is to tell them that other people are trying to take away something that is theirs.

It’s “us” vs. “them,” and we can’t let “them” have anything that is “ours.”

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