Early in the afternoon of June 26, Pooya Mohseni came to a decision. It wasn’t one she took lightly, even though it seemed almost casual to find herself typing the words out on Facebook. She had thought deeply about her choice for years — weighing work, family, friends. It was a bold one, a life-changing one; one that as a child in Iran, then a wide-eyed teen in the States, she’d never imagined herself making.

But that fateful day was unlike any other: The U.S. Supreme Court had just ruled for freedom, announcing that same-sex marriages must be equally recognized under the law. So today would be the day. She would finally tell everyone that she is a transgender woman.

Calmly, the New York–based actress moved her computer’s cursor over and clicked the glowing blue “post” box on her Facebook profile. She felt somehow nervous and relaxed at the same time. She checked in with her gut and found again that this felt like the exact right time to do it — even cosmically so. People all around her, all day, across the country, had been hugging and crying and dancing in the streets. As a few “likes” began popping up in red bubbles on her notification icon, she thought one last time, If not today, then when?

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