Simple Analysis:

This week's US attack killed a Very Bad Iranian.

This is a good thing.

Today's new US sanctions target 8 new individuals added to the long list of 1500 individuals, who will not be able to vacate the money that they've stolen from the Iranian people and then hide it outside Iran in places like Toronto (aka: "Tehranto").

This is a good thing.

Bad Iranians continuously steal money from all the Good Iranians.

This a bad thing. 

Bad Iranians have been bleeding and raping Iran and Good Iranians and then hiding the money overseas for 40 years.

This is a bad thing.

Bad Iranians who have been stealing money from all the Good Iranians control the sale and distribution of all "Medicine and Goods" that Good Iranians need.

This is bad thing.

When the US put sanctions on the Bad Iranians, they simply raised prices for "Medicine and Goods" on the Good Iranians, in order to keep the same profits, and then told them that it was all the fault of US sanctions.

This is a bad thing.

In order to cover up the fact they they are responsible for shortages and price hikes for "Medicine and Goods" in Iran, the Bad Iranians have been lying to the Good Iranians about the true cause of it. Namely that they are Bad Iranians, and are being punished for being Bad, by the US sanctions, which stops them from moving money that they have stolen from Good Iranians out of Iran.

This is a bad thing.

Let's see the math now; two Good things, versus five Bad things.

Yep. That adds up.


Bad Iranians are Bad for all the Good Iranians.

Bad Iranians are pushing Iran and the US towards War. By simply choosing to be Bad.

Bad Iranians are responsible for ALL of the problems that Good Iranians are forced to face in Iran.

Good Iranians want to be friends with the US. Because that leads to prosperity. And security. And Happiness.

Good Iranians are being held hostage with fear of murder (for speaking out against the Bad Iranians), fear of imprisonment (for speaking out against the Bad Iranians), and for fear of murder during imprisonment (for speaking out against the Bad Iranians).

Hmmm. Seems like the Good Iranians are powerless to change their fate, and will never prosper, be safe, or happy, as long as the Bad Iranians run EVERYTHING in Iran into the ground.

What to do? What to do? What to do?