It was a mystery of some sort; it all began on April 3 of this year. Now it is a mystery no more.

Last month in a blog I said:

Gabriella is 22 months old; she went for a visit to Iran with her British-Iranian mom. Her passport is confiscated, her mom has been held captive without access to her or an attorney.

Nazanin is to spend the next 5 years in captivity, unless Britain pays the ransom like Obama did

Above is from series of blogs about Nazanin and her baby, Gabriella, taken hostage nearly two years ago by the expansionist, warmongering and unreformable Islamist fascists ruling over Iran.

Latest news:

Britain 'is ready to pay £450million debt over deal to sell Chieftain tanks to Iran' to help free jailed British mother.

Two senior government sources said they fear Iran is holding Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe as 'collateral' for the debt.”

In other words; to get one of her hostages back, just like Obama did, Britain has to pay the ransom, probably like Obama did in untraceable cash.

There are no news of ransom negotiation(s) for the nearly 30 other known non-Iranian and dual national Iranian hostages the Islamist fascists are currently holding.   


Airtight sanctions, a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S. lawmakers get to it.