You want to believe all the hype about normalcy in Iran allowing to have all kinds of normal relationships, go right ahead and at you own peril, of course.

Currently there are number of the so called dual Iranian nationals being held hostage by the Islamist fascists –“reformers” and all- wasting away in prisons hoping the ransom for their emancipation will be forthcoming.

Starting with the taking of American diplomats as hostages to the present day, ever since coming to power some 40 years ago, Islamist fascists have used hostage taking as a statecraft tool.

The latest hostage is an American Princeton University graduate student, Xiyue Wang, who was just sentenced to 10 years of captivity by the Islamist fascists for “espionage”. This is exactly the same charge other hostages have been nabbed with.

Ever since Obama paid nearly 2 billion dollars in untraceable cash ransom for the release of the last batch of 5 hostages, leavening some behind in that group of hostages, Islamist fascists have restocked their hostages.

I like to take this opportunity to once again tell those holding their breath for the Warmongering, international terror sponsoring and habitually hostage takingIslamist fascism in Iran to reform, exhale, it ain’t happening.


Sanction works, U.S. House, get to it.