(CNN)The US State Department has suspended funding for an organization whose hardline stance against the Iranian regime saw it targeting American journalists, activists and academics whom they didn't consider tough enough on Tehran, according to a State Department spokesperson.

The Iran Disinformation Project claims it "exposes and counters the nefarious influence of one of the world's few remaining totalitarian regimes." It has been funded through the State Department's Global Engagement Center which combats foreign propaganda and disinformation.
But the organization was so aggressive that social media accounts linked to it went after people it perceived to be too soft on Iran, at a time when the Trump administration is exerting what it calls "maximum pressure," ratcheting up military and economic pressure on Iran after pulling out of the landmark nuclear deal known as the JCPOA.
The Guardian was first to report that the State Department had suspended funding.
Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post columnist and CNN contributor, told CNN Wednesday that an account associated with the organization was "attacking me, other journalists, human rights advocates and others who have taken a more nuanced approach to US Iran relations and are opposed to war and crippling sanctions on that country."

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