The Devil's advocate is a disgrace in Lausanne

Until not long ago to anyone who نایاک in the United States he lobbies, with the pungent atmosphere is a prkhash reaction were encountered. Even the نایاک of the Court to sue and DAEI, Hassan claims that the dignity of the Islamic Republic because of this organization called the lobby in the United States, which eventually also after years of failed and now the infamous defeats is obliged to pay fines daii Hassan.

10 February 2015, the Washington Court of appeals final financial penalties in the case of the نایاک and تریتا announced the Persian and refers to the extensive frauds in دروغگوئی and in their legal complaint flow of the initial Tribunal, DAEI, Hassan and نایاک and تریتا will pay a financial fine condemn joins the Board.

And h. DAEI after victory in Washington's Court of Appeal wrote: the تریتا community and other brokers said that the regime should also include trade on people's blood and with a business broker and serve some bloodthirsty, but he constantly counseled them and to curse the people ستمدیده of Iran and all proponents, in any place and any time, together they will be.

And had fallen to the ground when the curtains, Persian تریتا Zuma failed to appear in court Washington, to come to Lausanne for the Islamic Republic of Iran on the side of the authorities, including Hossein Fereidoun brother Hassan Rohani and its influence on the picture it takes to level. And it is interesting that the President's brother, they're in front of her Islamic head to stand below.

Do you agree that the presence of people like تریتا English is taking over, he or she is interested in the gutter for the parties?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister today at the meeting of the Israeli Cabinet said that the framework agreement that the world powers negotiating with Iran are to achieve, even of what Israel was also worried about it is worse. He said that the agreement that the basics of it is negotiating in Lausanne, the sanctions against Iran, but the basic ability necessary for the production of nuclear weapons remain in the hands of Iran lays. 

Netanyahu was referring to developments in Yemen said that Iran is "the complete conquest of the Middle East" is. Israel's Prime Minister, added: "the Iranian axis-Lausanne-Yemen for humanity is dangerous and must be stopped."