Apollo 11, currently in theaters, is a CNN- produced documentary about the historic mission that landed the first humans on the moon. The film is not narrated, with minimal dialogue and occasional statements by a NASA announcer and also conversations between the crew and ground control. The movie takes the viewer on a journey from pre-launch preparations to the actual flight to the moon and back. There is original footage from the spacecraft cameras and the Lunar  Module  camera. The film also contains spectacular still images of the astronauts on the moon and of the lunar landscape.  The pictures appear to be remastered and are remarkably clear and vivid. The re-entry sequence, recorded by the onboard camera, is thrilling and breathtaking. The sound effects- at least at the theater I was at- were somewhat overbearing. At times you couldn’t hear the movie for the dramatic musical score. In all it was a pleasant visual experience worth the time and money. Apollo 11 is a nostalgic look back at a time when things were genuine, men looked like  Johnny Carson, women were markedly thinner, and there were very very few colored people.