How Iranian traders in Dubai and Far East traders are raking in the money sanction busting:

  • The hardline IRGC secret intelligence unit took against oil smuggling and another repeat of oil thefts has all but evaporated paving the way for another great sanctions busting bonanza for the personal benefit of connected individuals. 
  • Iranian owned trading firms with connections in I.R. Are minting money by redocumenting products by blending in Dubai, or those with better connections simply getting the oil products documented as Iraqi origin (Iraq does not produce enough oil products to export so all the high sulphur residue exports from the Persian Gulf as Iraqi are in fact Iranian), or by re-selling to small Far East trading companies who redocument the cargoes in storage centres for some Chinese majors or subsidiary of a French major. 
  • While these Iranian owned firms pay seemingly market headline prices, NIOC for the first time ever illegally accepting payment in Rials! The exchange is converted well below free market rates thereby generating substantial profits. 
  • These traders and fly by night far eastern trading companies are not required to provide any payment security receiving unsecured extended payment terms from NIOC. 
  • This has been made possible by Greek and some Far Eastern tanker owners lured by easy money shipping Iranian oil products. Initially the Greek tanker owners were refusing the business. 
  • The emir of Dubai in spite of objections of Abu Dhani turns a blend eye Iranian oil products are redocumented as UAE product. 

It is a disgrace that very few Iranian are aware or care. When will we open our eyes to the cost of the “inalienable right” for Akhoond to build a bomb?