Source: iJET Internaitonal


Israeli Agents Reportedly Kill Two Iranian Operatives in Kufra: Reports emerged June 4 that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad killed two members of the Quds Force in the Kufra district of Libya. The Quds Force is the external wing of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which focuses on intelligence gathering and special operations. Kufra is Libya's largest district, located 563 km (350 miles) south of Benghazi. The date when this incident transpired remains unclear.

Analysis: If reports of the occurrence of such an incident are true, they demonstrate Israel's resolve and determination to contain and remove the presence of Iranian intelligence operatives anywhere in the world, particularly in the Middle and North Africa. These reports further confirm that Israel considers Iran its main geopolitical foe in the region. Given the general insecurity and political instability throughout Libya, it is unsurprising that Iran had begun spreading its ideological and religious influence and establishing a foothold in the country.

Iran is known to seek involvement in North African affairs. In early May, Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Iran over Tehran's alleged financial support of the Polisario Front, a separatist movement that is fighting against Morocco's presence in the Western Sahara and is seeking to establish an independent state. Iran already maintains significant influence over four Arab capitals - Sana'a, Baghdad, Beirut, and Damascus. Tehran's main objective in North Africa is to build a bloc of resistance against Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, some Libyan authorities have reportedly stated that the Iranian operatives were attempting to establish links with militia and militant groups who could help them gain access to uranium materials. While unsubstantiated, this report would explain why the Mossad took an interest in the IRGC agents in Libya and neutralized them.