Atena was born seven years after the revolution in Iran. She is a children rights activist in Iran. However, that appraently was just a cover; she was into “activities against national security.”

Here is a complete listing of charges in the indictment, as reported by Iranwire, which has resulted in her getting a 14 year prison sentence:

“Activities against national security; propaganda against the regime for publishing reports about the families of political prisoners; gathering and colluding with counter-revolutionary elements; insulting members of parliament by painting images of them and publishing the caricatures on social media; insulting the Supreme Leader, the Revolutionary Guards and the three branches of government.”

For their regime’s vigilance and sense of justice, I like to take this opportunity and congratulate every single supporter and cadre of the Islamist fascists- “reformers” and all including their lobby NIAC.


Sanction works, U.S. Senate, get to it.


Above; Atena’s cartoon depicting the Islamist fascist “politicians” which was used as proof of her crimes against national security.  

Below picture, Atena is sitting on the left. Daemi, on the right, is another imprisoned Persian Mati Hati/children activist. She shares a first name with Atena and has gotten 7 years prison sentence for the same charges.