General Rules

Comments and contributions that promote hate, contain threats to individuals and groups, racist remarks, direct and indirect attacks including swear words and insults against site users, and attempt to derail discussions and/or push other users into emotional reactions, and publishing personal information about other users is not allowed on  Use of this website for illegal and unethical and for commercial purposes is prohibited.  Each user is responsible for all his or her own activities on the site and all the content he or she produces.  Conduct of site users in whatever capacity must not jeopardize the integrity, operations, and reliability of the site. 


I see again and again examples of dimwits on this site outright violating the above rule. That is one thing.

The other thing is site admin's negligence in enforcing the rule. In order to see how far the admin will bend, I am going to use the same kind of venemous and vulgar language of the known dimwits of the site. Let's see if this bending of the rule goes both ways or is only reserved for a selected few.

I know one can block people from commenting, but is that the way we want to site to become? That goes pretty much against the integrity and reliability of the site as mentioned in the above rule.