The Labour Party one of the greatest centre left parties in the world is now run by the failed 1970’s Marxists who brought the UK nothing but a miserable “winter of discontent” with rubbish piling up meters high on street corners. 

At a crucial time it failed to oppose Maggi’s excesses effectively and was unelectable for decades. Two people represented the militant tendency and its failure: Arthur Scargill and Derek Hatton.  The latter was thrown out by Kinnock who dragged Labour back to towards the centre and common sense  

Now Corbynistas are repeating history with antisemitism. Corbyn’s mismanagement is a matter of record.  But similar to Iranian Left they know no shame and no limit so they readmitted Hatton only having to suspend him after two days as his antisemitic remarks caught up with him. See here

The left has a long sordid history of antisemitism that one or two whitewash enquiries will not fix.