The Saudi rulers of Arabia, a relatively new country where the name denotes belonging to the House of Saud, are stupid.

You ask how come, here is the proof. All the while their enemies have been waiting for a slightest chance to pounce, without any backup plan they murdered one of their own consummate insiders (video below) turned dissident in their Consulate in Turkey:

You see, for the past forty years, across the water of the Persian Gulf, the unreformable, warmongering and expansionist Islamist fascist rulers of Iran have been openly murdering Iranians and others in Iran and abroad with impunity. Their cover is that their system has two inner systems, one that openly does the murdering, warmongering and the rest and the other that claims to be the clean handed one.

The beauty of their system is that the amoral lefties, “journalists” and leaders of the Western democracies knowingly play this good Mullah and bad Mullah ruse all the time. 

Here is the French President, as recently as last month, whitewashing the arrest and indictment of an Islamist fascist “diplomat” bomber:

‘As you know Iran is sometimes divided into different factions and tensions, and so I can't say today whether the order came from the top or from this (security) service or that division," he told France 24 television in an interview.”

There you have it, if Saudis weren’t stupid; they would have copied the Islamist fascists’ system with a lifetime, unelected all powerful Führer and an ersatz “president” who normally plays the good Mullah’s role.

Airtight sanctions - which includes oil - a la against the despicable South Africa apartheid, works. U.S.lawmakers get to it.

Picture above: Two jamals.